Things I Love Friday(:

1. The Princess Diaries series, by Meg Cabot. It's been years since I began reading these, and I'm currently on my third full re-read. They never fail to make me giggle.

2. Love Drunk, the newest Boys Like Girls album. It came out awhile ago, but I just got ahold of it last week. It makes me so happy! Every song is super bouncy and fun. I can't listen to it without jumping around in my seat.

3. Elsie's new 10 Things I Love About You kit! This thing is so cute! I wish I had the money to buy it, haha.

4. Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2, by Alex Wrekk. I had the first one, and this one is just as awesome. I keep telling myself to start a zine but it never happens...maybe one day.

5. Awesome jack o' lanterns like this one, by my AP English teacher, Mr. Fontenot. It was even cooler in person.

So that's it for today! I'm so happy that it's Friday. Even though this was a short week (we had Monday and Tuesday off), it was pretty busy and tiring. Yay for the weekend!

My weekend plans:
~boring Physics project :(
~movie date with my boy
~Halloweeeeen! (not sure what I'm doing yet)
~birthday dinner with my daddy and stepmom + siblings
~embroidering a couple sugar skull brooches for my Spanish teacher
~write my 18 Before 18 List

Also, maybe the bookstore tonight! I hope so.



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