Well I know I should have a "Things I Love Friday" post but, as usual, I'm too lazy to gather pictures and links and such...so here's a meme, instead! Get to know me a little.

1. Where is your cell phone:

Winston, my pretty white iPhone, is sitting on my lap(:

2. Your hair:

Usually pretty boring, but I love my new bangs.

3. Your mother:

I love her! :D

4. Your father:

He's pretty crazy. Haha. But awesome.

5. Your favorite food:


6. Your dream from last night:

Involved Harry Potter. Well, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. We were hanging out. It was cool.

7. Your favorite drink:

Upsidedown caramel macchiatos (with extra caramel!).

8. Your dream/goal:

My dream is to own my own adorable shop somewhere and make a living off my own creations. I'd also like to be a teacher.

9. What room are you in:

My living room.

10. What is your hobby:

Crafting...knitting, sewing, embroidering, cutting and pasting. I also like to write reviews of things for my school paper.

11. What is your fear:

Spiders! And being left behind.

12. Where were you last night:

At Zio's with my mom and her best friend and his mom. Lovely people(:

13. Something you are not:

A music snob.

(I am, however, a book snob. And a cell phone snob.)

14. Muffins:

Are amazing! Especially blueberry ones. Just not chocolate chip, I can't eat chocolate in breakfast foods.

15. Wish list items:

My birthday list! I didn't get any of that, so they're all options.

16. Where did you grow up:

League City, Texas. Most boring suburb everrr.

17. Last thing you did:

Coughed! Ugh, I hate being sick.

18. What are you wearing:

My pajamas, haha. Camisole and shorts.

19. Your TV:

One of those true life murder mysteries, at the moment.

20. Your pets:

I don't have any! Except for my sister's cat and the kitties that live at my dad's house. I want a Husky, or a pug, or a teeny puppy. Or a lamb! I'd love to keep a lamb as a pet.

21. Your friends:

are my life. I love every single one of them.

22. Your life:

is pretty amazing right now(:

23. Your mood:

Antsy. Wanderlust-y, as always.

24. Missing someone:

My boyfriend.

25. Vehicle:

I wish!

26. Something you’re not wearing:


27. Your favorite store:

I don't really have one.

28. Your favorite color:

Red and aqua, or yellow and light grey. Those pairs.

29. When’s the last time you laughed:

Earlier, while reading MLIA.

30. When’s the last time you cried:

Yesterday, during Private Practice.

31. Your best friend:

I have 5! 4 girls and 1 boy. If you don't count family.

32. One place you go over and over:

The bookstore.

33. One person who emails me regularly:

Facebook? Haha.

34. Favorite place to eat:


35. Where do you want to be in 6 years:

in an apartment with my loving boyfriend, substitute teaching and managing my shop.

Happy Friday!



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