Thrifting! (and a lot of other stuff)

We have this awesome antique mall right next to our local library. We had to go return some books to the library today, so I asked my mom to take me on a little thrifting adventure. A lot of the things I like are kind of expensive, so I mostly just look, but it's still fun!

I love these two typewriters! The one above is an Underwood, the one below a Remington. They were both around $150, which is too much at the moment. They seem to work, but I can't test them, anyway. I'm looking on Etsy for a cheaper alternative. I have a Brother modern electric typewriter (the same one Elsie has, actually), so I can wait, but it just isn't the same. (:
These owls were salt and pepper shakers, I think. I collect salt and pepper shaker sets, so I may go back for these.
I have absolutely no use for this (a working Brownie projector), but I think it'd be pretty cool to have around, anyway.
Now here's something I really wanted! An Agfa Karat IV camera. Made in Germany between 1950 and 1956. $30. It didn't look like it worked, but I'd love to start a collection of vintage cameras. I hope it's still there once I save up some money, haha.
So this last thing is the only item I actually purchased. It's a woodgrain piggy back, porcelain, I think. I bought it for myself, but I may surprise my best friend with it for Christmas (she collects piggy banks).

We also took a little trip to Micheals, one of my other favorite places. I browsed around the scrapbook section ( I really want to start scrapping, it looks like so much fun!) and then got four new things of paint (now I have blue, red, yellow, green, purple, and grey), a pack of three 9x12 canvas boards, a tiny sketchbook to doodle ideas in, and two little embroidery hoops.

I've been feeling creative recently, so I hope that means I'm getting over my slump...I want to start painting soon and maybe do some portraits or something for Christmas presents. I need to start on presents soon...I have a lot of people to craft for.

Speaking of Christmas! I love the Starbucks holiday cups and bands!
So cute(:
I finally finished my knitted coffee cup cuff today, too! It's all garter because for some reason my knits have been twisting and I'm too lazy to figure out how to fix it, so I've just been purling. I like purling more, anyway.
Well, it's not totally done. I want to add some sort of decoration to it...Probably a little felt something (like on these from RVA).

Well, this was a super massively long blog post...I'll go now! Bye(:



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