Friday Friends!

And...this is the last new blog feature that I will start having every week (I hope). Each Friday, I will make a post to introduce you all to some of my wonderful new friends here in the blogging world. Everyone in our little community is so wonderful and inspiring, so I'd love for everyone to get to know, well, everyone a little bit better.

So here's my first official "Friday friend": the lovely AJ!

Name: Allison JoLiane Kosarek
Nicknames: AJ or Jo (but yes, some people call me Allison)
Location: Austin, TX

My favorite hobbies....wow, I have so many! Obviously I love crafts. My favorites are knitting (it's theraputic), drawing, and recently embroidery! I love the possibilities with crafts :) I am also a BIG reader. One of my favorite dates is when my hubby takes me to a bookstore and tells me to have fun ^_^ Then there's soccer, camping, and definitely board games. I'm a game fanatic!

Favorites: I'm so bad at picking favorites!! I love so many...
Food: CHOCOLATE! Chinese food and Tex-Mex, and apples
Drink: Chocolate milk
Movie: The Dark Knight, Serenity, The Incredibles
Band/singer: lately I've been in love with Ben Sollee and Rilo Kiley
Color: Purple, of course!
Crafting supply: a good pencil :)

Current obsession: embroidery, tights, bows
Personal style: I'm still discovering my personal style. It's definitely bright and eclectic. I like things that make me smile and try to surround myself with them. I'm all about making things that make people look on the brighter side of life :)

Well, I started a couple blogs back in middle school, but (thankfully) those went away. I started my current blog as it is a couple years ago. I thought that if I started blogging I could get the word out about my products and hopefully get some feedback. It's also a great way to keep track of what I'm doing :) Little did I know I'd meet so many neat people! I'm really starting to amp it up this year, blogging nearly every day now. I mostly blog about projects I'm doing. I just started a feature every Sunday called "You Amaze Me" for things that really inspire me - I'm hoping it inspires others as well! I plan to add more features as the year goes on. I love hearing opinions from people across the web-world about things I'm doing and things they're doing, too. I have to say, it really helps with my confidence, too!
The blogs I read most frequently are A Beautiful Mess, Bleubird, The Dainty Squid, Smile and Wave, Maedchen mit Herz, Color Me Katie...and the list goes on ;-) It's wonderful to have so many sources for inspiration.

I sell all sorts of handmade crafts - mostly knitting, but also sewing and embroidery. Right now my favorite product is probably my embroidered human heart - I just love it!!
I also just launched a line of mini Huggles, which are just adorable.
I hope that one day I can open a physical shop. That way I can meet my customers face to face
:-) And I would love to be able to craft full-time!

My biggest goal for 2010 is amping up my shop. I can't devote myself full-time to it (yet!), but I want it to be as if I do :-)

So there you go! Doesn't she sound wonderful? And I just have to say, not only are her shop and blog adorable (and that embroidered heart is gorgeous), but she is simply a sweet person to talk to. I hope you like her as much as I do(:

I'll be at my dad's for the weekend, so no blogging until I get back! I can't wait for the next edition of Monday Lovelies, it makes me happy looking for all of them to share with you(:

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AJ said...

Aw, thank you ^_^ You're such a sweetheart!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Such a great interview! AJ, I didn't know that you are an 'Allison,' too - we even spell it the same way!

katiebug92 said...

I love the huggles

AJ said...

Alli - Neato! I *am* an Allison. Very few people call me "Alli" though ;/
Katiebug - Thanks! I love making them :)

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