In my new bag(:

Inside, 1.13.10, originally uploaded by anaxalives.

I got this adorable bag at Borders over the weekend. I love it because it's big and structured (I like having things stay organized inside), plus it's pink and bright but the pattern makes me think of vintage fabric.

Here's everything inside (clockwise, starting at left):
-Staedtlers (love these!)
-weekly Moleskine planner (special Woodstock edition)
-cheetah print wallet
-make up bag with iPod and headphones inside
-pink bag with girly things inside
-knitted coffee cuff
-phone bag
-wristwarmers (from Target)

The only things missing are my journal and my good headphones (the Sennheisers my lovely boyfriend bought me).

Well, that's it for now! I'm going to work some more on my Style File and maybe do a little drawing/Photoshopping.

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Jessica said...

cute stuff. love the kitty key topper.


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