Style School, AKA only school I ever want to attend(:

Style School has begun! :D
Here's the beginning of my Style File! I had embroidered the words on some pretty scrapbook paper and taped it on. OMG I love masking tape, hehe.

Style File preview
Style School Intro

Of course, I'm not done yet! I have loads more pictures in my "inspiration" folder on my computer, just waiting to be printed and pasted in! Plus, I have to make dividers, but first I need to go to Micheals to get some scrapbook paper! Woohoo, I live for craft store visits(:

The first two projects have been posted on the class blog but I haven't had a chance to start either on yet. (Finals. *shudder*) Today's project, a cute photo hanger, will be first, I think. God knows we have enough old hangers to cover my walls with them! Hehe.

Meanwhile, I'm going to keep goofing off and listening to Muse.

emily mae


Kim Dismukes said...

Can't wait to see all of your Style School creations! Does the syllabus contain any "make a neat gift for your mom" assignments (hint, hint)? LOL

Emily said...

Hahaha, very funny. :P
I'm sure there's something I could make for you. We'll wait until the end and you can pick something you like(:

Alli said...

Your pages are adorable! I'm so far behind that I haven't even purchased a binder yet (although I do have a few pages made). Ack!

Ashley said...

Your embroidery is PERFECT! I'm just learning- you are definitely an inspiration!

Emily said...

Thank you, Ashley! Do you happen to have the Sublime Stitchery book? That's how I learned; it was very helpful (and cute!).

mle jean said...

cute style file! I'm in style school too :)
Its the best!

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