Such a fun weekend so far!

Today was so amazing! I re-did my blog, made new friends in the Style School chat, got things set up for a few blog features (look for those in the near future!), and even acquired a few more things for some projects (namely, laminating transparencies and chalkboard paint)!

So here are my plans for tomorrow:
+First of all, homework!
+Send some blog-related emails.
+Shopping! Micheals, Office Depot, and maybe Staples.
+Possibly tennis with my mom.
+Work on my anniversary present for my boy!
+Then a date with said boy(:

Wish me luck in getting everything done!

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AJ said...

Sadly I missed the Style School chat (was at a bridal shower), but I'm reading through it right now! In answer to your question, I'd be happy to be featured on your blog (if you'd like to have me). I'm working on making more friends in the blogging community, too! :)

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