An apology...

I'm so sorry! I was all set to give you all a wonderful little (one day late) post of Lovelies filled with cameras and film and that sort of thing, but www.weheartit.com, where I get my images, is down, and I have other things I need to do in real life now. :(

So...I hope I'll be able to post something inspiring tomorrow!
Here are some other things you have to look forward to soon:
1. 1000th hit giveaway! I'm about 200 hits away(:
2. Something special about this week's Friday Friends post!
3. (I hope) A lot of crafty posts coming! My to do list is a mile long and of course I'll be keeping you all up-to-date on it!
4. Some fun things to download that I'm working on currently(:
5. Another "what's in my bag" picture. I love those!

Thanks for being patient! I love you guys(:

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