Cupcake Toppers (with tutorial!)

My mom's book club had a little wedding shower for one of their members today, and I made these little cupcake with cute hearts on top for her to take! They were pretty easy, so I thought I'd do a little tutorial!

Cupcake Toppers (w/ tutorial!)

~frosted cupcakes of your choice
~paper and markers *or* a photo-editor and printer
~round toothpicks
~double-sided tape or roll-on adhesive

Step 1:

So many!

Design your toppers! I did mine in Photoshop with my tablet, but you can do them by hand, too! These are little hearts with the initials of the happy couple inside. Then cut them out. They'll be double-sided, so make sure you cut out twice as many as you have cupcakes.

Step 2:

Put your tape here(:

Apply tape or adhesive in the areas indicated by the arrows. Do this to a pair of cut outs at one time.

Step 3:

"stick" it! XD

Place your toothpick in the center of the cut out, as shown in the picture.

Step 4:

One down...

Layer the other cut out of the pair over the toothpick, being careful to line up the edges.
Repeat until you have enough for all of your cupcakes!

Step 4b:

All done!

Take cute pictures with your newest (half-off!) purchase. :P

Step 5:

Add them to the cupcakes!

Add them to the cupcakes! Don't push them down so far that they poke out the bottom! About an inch down is good for most cupcakes.

So there you go!

Close up(:

I told you it was easy! Now go out and bake some cupcakes, and make sure you link me to the pictures! :D

And as a note, I'm working on designing some general, cute cupcake toppers that I'll probably sell in PDF form for a dollar or two. So stay tuned for that! And if you'd like some custom ones, like these, email me and we can work something out! (My email address is in my sidebar.)

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