Friday Friends!

Well, it's time to introduce you all to one of my newest friends, Sarah! Her blog is so inspiring and her art is wonderful, too.

Name: Sarah

Nickname(s): Sparkle or Penguin!

Location: North West England

Blog Address: http://www.kaleidoscopeexplosion.wordpress.com

Shop Address: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sparkleseventeen

What are some of your hobbies? I love all the usual suspects; crochet, collage and art journaling as well as cooking and having fun with my friends and sweetheart. My perfect day would involve a bit of all of that topped off with the trip to the movies to watch something really scary!

Tell me your favorite...

Food: Yoghurt! Any kind, any flavor, i love them all!

Drink: Fizzy Vimto or Dr Pepper... but mostly i just drink water.

Movie: I think my favorite ever might be Anchorman, i've watched it a million times and still laugh in all the same places! For inspiration probably Moulin Rouge, Amelie or Almost Famous.

Band/singer: Right now i'm so in love with Jay Z, i've seen him live twice (both times sort of by mistake...)and his music just has this infectious energy about it.

Color: Pink and green together with white... fresh and pretty.

Crafting supply: Pen and paper for drawing illustrations or maybe scissors and glue for making collage.

What is your current obsession? Living in the moment and making every day magical! I try to do something that makes me happy and feel inspired every day, even if i'm in a lazy mood! Also camping and picnics!

How would you describe your personal style? I would say pretty quirky with a hard edge... I love to wear long white cotton tee shirts with unusual prints with studded leggings and work boots. My favorite part is adding girly accessories to this utilitarian basic look like sequined beanie hats, knitted bags and ruffled socks!

How long have you been blogging? Only since December but i love it so much already!

What made you decide to start a blog? I was applying to university and thought that having a blog would show that i'm serious about living a creative life, i also wanted to become more involved with "the blogsphere" after reading other peoples for so long!

What do you like most about blogging? The best part is getting to know other lovely bloggers and sharing different ideas from around the world :)

Give me a couple of your favorite blogs to read!

Miss Indie (http://missindiedesigns.blogspot.com/)

Penny Threads (http://pennythreads.blogspot.com/)

And Divine Chaos of course!

*If you also have a shop*

What kinds of things do you sell? I sell things that i wanted for myself, and just made more of! Right now i have a few cute valentines themed kits and scarves up for sale.

What is your favorite item in your shop right now? I think it's the "Love Letter Scarf" because that took the most work to put together and i really like the concept - inside the little pocket is a mini kit for creating a love letter to give to your sweetheart or best friend.

Where do you hope your shop will lead you (i.e., selling full-time, opening a real life store, etc.)?

I just do the shop for fun because i don't have time to update it with new items all the time as my course at college is so busy and i also have a job at a nursing home two days a week, but i hope to continue making little sweet things that i hope other people will enjoy as much as i do :)

And finally, what's your biggest goal for yourself for the next year?

Hmmm.... my biggest creative goal is to formulate a true artistic identity before i leave for university. I want to know a little more about what kind of career i'm aiming for and how i can best work towards it...if that makes sense?

My biggest personal goal is to find and decorate a great place to live in the city by September.

And I have a special treat for all of you reading this!
Sarah is offering one of her Love Letter Writing Kits to one of my lucky readers! These kits are adorable. Here's an example of what comes in it:
Each kit contains the following:
1x inspiration sheet filled with ideas to get you started.
1x sheet of pale pink writing paper.
2x sheets of luxury three candlesticks writing paper in white.
1x luxury three candlesticks envelope in white, lined with tissue paper.
6x sweet pastel buttons in various sizes
1x sheet beautiful stickers
1x genuine original one of a kind fuji instax photograph - these are so adorable, and perfect for writing little love notes on in instant marker.
1x one of a kind collaged postcard featuring buttons, images and a woodgrain background.

Doesn't that sound awesome?
So just leave a comment here, telling me who you would write your love letter to, and enter to win! You also get an extra entry if you post/tweet about this giveaway, with a link back here! Just leave a separate comment with a link to the post.
You have until Monday, February 8, at 2:30 PM central time, to enter. As soon as I get home from school, I'll be choosing the winner and informing Sarah so that she can get the package sent, just in time for Valentine's Day! :D

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katiebug92 said...

ooh! thats a cute scarf!

please enter me, i love letters! mine would be a "sisterly love letter" tho, because I dont have a boyfriend. however, my sister moved across the country. and I miss her like crazy. lol.

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Great interview (and I love the scarf)! I would probably write the love letter to my husband...or maybe to my mom!

hana said...

I would write a love letter to my husband. :D

Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

A love letter kit!! What a sweet idea!

I would write one to my hubby. He's been having a rough time at work lately, and something lovey might just cheer him up!!

I love your little artist features! They are super fun to read.


{tam*jan} said...

i would write one to the love of my life;)

AJ said...

How sweet! Great idea with the scarf :)
I would write my love letter to my husband :D I like surprising him with sweet notes!

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