Monday Lovelies(:

Welcome to another edition of Monday Lovelies! :D

1. Lovely cameras

2. Lovely charm bracelets
(This one was my first anniversary present from Ryan!)

3. Lovely antlers

4. Lovely clutches

5. Lovely guerilla art

6. Lovely scrollwork

7. Lovely cacti

8. Lovely candies

9. Lovely combat boots

10. Lovely banner
(all images from weheartit unless otherwise noted)
This is going to be a fun week! I've got a package coming soon, I hope (more on that when it gets here!) and I'm participating in my third Harry Potter swap over on Craftster.org, so expect a few posts about that (send outs are at the end of February). Also, I'm planning a few little Valentine's Day DIYs, so make sure you come back and look for those soon! :D

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Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

So lovely! I've been dreaming of a pretty charm bracelet for a long time - I might need to start looking for one more actively.

Emily said...

I never really wanted one, but Ryan bought me that one and I absolutely love it!

marybethb said...

CUTE! I love this post...the candy and the bed with the banner = awesome!:)

Michelle said...

Oooh...these are definitely lovely finds! :) just stumbled on your blog via Style School and it's totally cute! :)

Rachelle said...

Lego Polaroid! My geeky little heart almost burst with geeky excitement.

Emily Mae said...

Oh my gosh, I know! That was my favorite out of that picture.

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