Final Journalism Project

Every year, for our final project in my journalism class, we create an eight page magazine. It's my favorite part of the class; I love designing pages and things in Photoshop and InDesign! So I thought this year I would share my magazine with all of you! It's called Every Little Thing, and this is the review issue. I used the same title as last year's project, but this year it's all reviews (because that's all I wrote this year), which is why I made the distinction.

(Haha, I just noticed that I screwed up this page! Oh well, I'll reprint it sometime. I always get the title of that book wrong unless I think about it.)

All the pictures on the "crush" page (inspired by some journal pages I saw in the RVA Flickr) are mine, except for the Star Trek one. The pink haired girl is the one from the little piece of art I bought from Elsie awhile back. I also made the Muse ad at the bottom of the last page. The story on that page was written by my wonderful boyfriend. :D

The back cover (which I couldn't get to scan) was a full page ad for the next Star Trek movie, because I'm a geek like that.

I'm considering turning this little magazine into a zine, now that I'm no longer in journalism but want to keep publishing my reviews. But for now, feel free to tell me which page is your favorite!

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Very nice :)

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