Happy Summer Solstice(:

I took a couple of self portraits for Kara's class today. I don't take pictures of myself very often because it's rare that I feel like I look cute enough to document it, haha. But these came out very well, I think.

Self Portrait

I took this one first. It was kind of an ordeal, actually. I have a loft bed, and my camera doesn't have a remote, so I had to put it on top of my bookshelf, aim in the general direction of the bed, then sprint up there and pose in ten seconds before the flash went off, hoping I ended up in the frame. It took a couple tries, but I finally got it right!

Another self portrait!

Then I decided that I wanted an outdoors one as well, to celebrate the summer solstice today! So I went out and got this one after a million tries, too. I like how calm it looks, and I like the pretty grass and the old doghouse in the background.

I'm really excited about this class so far. :D


Michelle said...

Oh, cute portraits for the class! :) You look super serene and into the top shot, it's hard to imagine you rushed over there to get it taken! lol. :)

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