Final 18 Before 18 Update!

Okay, here it is! The final update on my list from last year! I've crossed off the things I accomplished. I didn't get as much done as I would've liked, but I did some fun things and I have some good ideas for my list for this year! That one will be posted as soon as I get it done!

18 things to do before i turn 18

1. publish a zine

2. start an Etsy shop

3. get my driver's license

4. make a boyfriend book

5. sew a piece of clothing

6. learn to style my hair in a cute way

7. get into college

8. carve a pumpkin

9. decorate my room

10. teach an online class

11. hit my first anniversary of blogging

12. start scrapping

13. keep an inspiration journal

14. learn to crochet a granny square

15. knit a sock (or two, I hope)

16. start a doodle book

17. learn to crochet amigurumi

18. wear a completely crafted/thrifted outfit

So that's ten out of eighteen, not too bad! (Some things I fudged a little; for instance, I wasn't actually accepted to either of the colleges I applied to until yesterday, but I did send in the applications before my birthday, so I'm counting it!) Overall, I think I did pretty well! I had a lot of fun this year! Now I have to be an adult. *shudder* Be back soon with my 19 Before 19 list!


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