Books, books, books!

So, I never mentioned this, but I am the proud owner of a lovely white Amazon Kindle! I received it from my mom as a present for my 18th birthday, back in October. It has become one of my favorite possessions, and certainly one of the best and most useful gifts I have ever been given. It is also, apparently, trendsetting, because this Christmas my mother bought not only one for herself, but also one for my sister, and my boyfriend got one from relatives, and his mom got one from his dad! It's great.

The Kindle is not only a wonderful device, but also an extremely convenient (and somewhat enabling) one. I've been a hardcore reader since a very young age, and now I can take a large library with me wherever I go, with very little added bulk or weight. I just love it! I can even read on my Android phone (with the Kindle app!) in a pinch. And I can buy books wherever I can get a cell signal! (That's where the "enabling" comes in--I have to be careful not to buy a bunch of books at once!)

If you couldn't tell, I just love my Kindle. It has really re-kindled (bad pun, unfortunately, unintended) my love of reading. All the reading I've been doing lately made me realize that I never really talk about books here on my blog, which is strange, because I love reading just as much as I love to craft. So I came up with a new thing I'd like to do every so often, just to let you know what's going on.

I'm not setting a schedule for these posts (I'm notoriously bad at starting a blog schedule and having it only last a week or two) but as I read a lot, I'm hoping to have a new one up every few weeks, at least. I'll give you a list of books I have open (both on the Kindle and off) with a short summary of how it's going, and a link to the book's Amazon page. Books I've finished will get a short review and a rating, depending on how it turned out.

I'm looking forward to starting this sometime this week!

P.S. Don't forget to scroll down and check out the announcement of my 100th blog post celebration! I'd love for you to come. :D


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