DIY: Cute invitations with Katie!

Hello everyone! My name is Katie, you can find me blogging here at Punk Projects!

Today I'm sharing a tutorial on how to make your own party invites!

Supplies: Cute Patterned Paper, Woodgrain Contact Paper, Graph paper or Printer paper, Cute stickers(I used some gift bow stickers) and Sharpies

1. Cut your invites out of the pretty paper.Mine are 3" & 1/2" by 4" & 1/2".

2. Glue on a strip of white paper to give you somewhere to write. I like to use graph paper. :)

3. Add Embellishments! I cut my contact paper into scallops, and used it as borders.

4. Doodle and write out your invitation with pretty colored sharpies, and then mail out to your friends! They will love the look of handmade invites!

Thanks Emily for letting me guest blog! Come visit my blog, for TONS more DIY projects and inspiration!

Xo, Katie


katiebug92 said...

Thanks for letting me guest post! I had fun making these!

Tabatha said...

very cool Katie

A Splash of Ida said...

Oh these are just so lovely!!! I love making my own cards as well! it's just more personal and of course I also have a lot of fun making them!



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