Inspiration: Bunting!

Bunting is one thing that pretty much everyone in the blog world knows about. It's that adorable string of colorful triangles that you see doodled, DIY'd and digitized everywhere. But I don't care how many times it's used, I love it every single time! Especially when it's used at parties. I think it's an easy but awesome decoration that you can hang up for celebrations of all sorts, indoor and out. Here are some pictures from around the web that might give you the push to make your own. :D

Pirate Happy Birthday Bunting

Linoprint 'Happy Birthday' bunting

Birthday Bunting 006

Red and white, rose summer bunting

Baby Shower Bunting


And in case you're suddenly having the urge to break out your crafting materials and get going, here are some tutorials!

This one is for a really nice fabric/sewn version at Cicada Daydream.

And if sewing isn't your thing, grab a crochet hook and head to this tutorial over at Carina's Craft Blog.

Here is another sewn bunting tutorial (that makes use of iron-on fabric fusing) at All The Small Things.

And finally, the bunting made in this tutorial at The Red Thread uses the ever adorable and multi-purpose Japanese washi tape!

PS. I hope everyone is having fun at my party so far! Two more days of guests and cute things are coming your way, so keep checking back! :D


Rachelle said...

We need to make bunting for the wedding!!!

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