Playlist: Party songs from Ryan!

My name is Ryan Munthe and I'm from blackHoles&hurricanes, a tech/music blog from the complete other side of the blogging universe!  But Emily asked me to guest blog as part of her party-thingy, so I thought it'd be appropriate to make a party-related playlist!  Here's twelve songs sure to get you in the mood!

12. LCD Soundsystem — "Daft Punk is Playing at My House"
You know you've heard this song!  It's the ultra-funky dance track that has been used in about a bajillion movie soundtracks.  Nothing better to kick off a party!

11. Modest Mouse — "Dashboard"
This song is so much fun!  Honestly, Modest Mouse isn't a real, "fun" poppy band but this song makes you want to get up and embarrass yourself!

10. Queen — "Fat Bottomed Girls"
Fat Bottomed Girls is such a great sing-a-long.  The line "she was such a naughty nanny!" always inspires karaoke renditions.

9. Muse — Uprising
So other than momentum to inspire a revolution, Uprising also is one of the world's catchiest and most fun songs ever written!

8. Blur — Song 2
The screams of "Woo hoo!" in the chorus line is probably the simplest lyric ever, but is also probably the best sing-a-long ever!  Get up and air guitar to the riff at the beginning!

7. The Smiths — Panic
I would love to play this song at parties just for the line "Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ" because the mindless rap and pop music at parties or dances drives me insane.

6. Weezer — Memories
This is such a great song!  I've hated Weezer since their past few albums were awesome, but the lyrics are so much fun and nostalgic while the sound has such a "chill", fun and "surfer" feel!

5. Phoenix — 1901
One of the only bands in the past decade I've discovered from the radio, Phoenix's 1901 is the most bouncy and energetic songs I've heard in years, it's impossible not to sing at the top of your voice!

4. The Smashing Pumpkins — 1979
Everyone has heard this song, I don't care what you say.  The synthesizer sound in the background is the most recognizable electronic noise of all time and Corgan's lyrics harken back to the time of being a young kid — it's sure to be a nostalgic trip through the past!

3. The Who — Baba O'Reilly
The ultimate party song, for sure!  Everyone and their baby knows this song's lyrics, the drum fills always inspire air-drumming, and the chant of "Teenage Wasteland" always inspires horrible karaoke.

2. How to Destroy Angels — Fur-Lined
What's a party without a techno/dance song?  Trent Reznor's wife takes the vocal duties to the peppiest dance track this side of alternative rock, sure to inspire people to start a rave party.

1. Daft Punk — Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
This is one of my favorite electronic songs ever!  So much fun, so funky, and so...different!  No, this isn't Kanye West's version this is the original electronica anthem that created a genre, sure to make you get up and move!

There's my playlist!  It looks boring, but I didn't feel inspired to add twelve pictures that would need to be edited in Photoshop to be made smaller!  But, enjoy, and visit me if you like tech & music!


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