Getting caught up!

I missed my blog! But for the last month, really, I've been so busy! I was in my high school's production of The Wiz! I wasn't a lead, but I still had lots and lots of rehearsals to attend! And then performances, of course. But now I finally have time to blog again! I want to introduce a new feature!

When you see that heading, you'll know that the post is going to be a bunch of pictures from my cell phone. I take lots of pictures of random things throughout my life with my phone, so I figured I should start sharing them! Katja does a similar thing with her "My Life in iPhone Pictures" posts; that's kind of where I got the idea! :D

So here's the first batch! There are more in this set on my Flickr page!

Little pots

Good luck(:

I want this bag!

My new boots!

Froyo: 1.22.11

The Wiz cast

From Rachelle

Above my bed(:

Plate? No! Jewelry holder!

There you go! Hope you enjoyed that little peek into my life. :D

P.S. I haven't forgotten about my 52 project! I haven't been doing things every week, but I'm still planning on having 52 little crafts done by the end of 2011! So stay tuned for an update!


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