A date day.

So, one day in June, while I was off at freshman orientation, Ryan decided that he was going to plan a surprise day-long date for the two of us. He texted my sister for ideas, told me to make sure I was free on June 23, and set the whole thing up with very minimal suggestion on my part. it turned out to be a wonderful, memorable day.

First we drove into Houston to eat lunch at this little restaurant called Brasil. It was attached to a little bookstore which, sadly, we forgot to stop in. But we're definitely going back, anyway, because the food was awesome.

Ryan got a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich (warm peanut butter is heaven, by the way) that came with two pieces of fried banana (also heaven).

I got a mozzarella and tomato sandwich with chips. Also great, though I prefer my mozzarella melted.

Then we hoofed it over to the Houston Zoo. It was hot, but so much fun. I hadn't been to the zoo in years before this, and I really am a little kid at heart, so this was a really awesome idea for a date, I think.

We saw the lions through the glass, which is why there are weird reflections in the photo. He made lots of noise and looked really fluffy.

There were several lionesses but this was the best photo I snapped.

We also saw some very pretty cheetahs lounging in the shade (smart cats!).

And we got to this monkey cage just in time to see the little critters munch on some greens.

Otters at the Houston Zoo from Emily Dismukes on Vimeo.

My absolute favorite part of this zoo trip was watching the adorable otters. We stayed at this tank for about ten minutes, watching them dive in and out of the little pond and float around. I love otters. Ryan even bought me a stuffed one before we left, and I bought myself a wallet (I needed one anyway) that is made of the cutest fabric printed with little cartoon otters.

After we left the zoo, we hit the mall for awhile. I snapped this at Urban Outfitters. I want a film camera so badly. We also stumbled on the grand opening of the Microsoft Store. Though I'm an Apple girl through and through, I gotta admit, that Microsoft Store was a lot of fun to browse in. And we even had a reporter from the Houston Chronicle take our picture!

The last stop of the night was Empire Cafe, one of my absolute favorite places in the city. They have excellent cake. Ryan and I shared this slice by candlelight before heading back home to League City.

All in all, this date was wonderful. It's great to be able to set aside a whole day and have a multi-location date, as opposed to just going out to eat. It's super-fun and way more memorable than most regular dates.


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