A magical adventure!

Just a few pictures from the day (yes, the whole day...10 AM to 12 midnight) that my boyfriend and I spent waiting in line for the last installment of the wonderful Harry Potter series.

We decided to go all out for this one and dress up, and everything! We bought our robes from toeFishy's wonderful Etsy shop. I would highly recommend her if you're looking for robes of your own (or other clothing items, she has a few different things).

Ryan brought chairs for us to sit in, like a tailgate. It was a very good idea! We were very first in line for the showing at 12:04, the first 2D showing (Ryan has a thing about 3D). We had a lot of fun even in line, talking, reading, and watching older Harry Potters on Ryan's laptop. The people in line behind us were pretty cool, too.

The movie was great! I mean, totally amazing. I already went back on Sunday and saw it in 3D IMAX for the full "effect", but nothing will ever top that first night. The anticipation, the emotion, the knowledge that it was the last one ever...I cried. I cried a couple times throughout the movie. It was just that good.

It was a wonderful day, all of it, and I'm so glad that I can count myself as apart of the "Harry Potter Generation". Truly something to be proud of.


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