What I Use, Part One

A quick side note: It seems like every summer, I have plenty of time to blog, but I end up with nothing to blog about. I hate the fact that I neglect this pretty little space so often, so I'm going to try (once again) to be more disciplined about it. I have a few fun things coming up this month and next month so be prepared for at least a few posts in the near future. :D

Today I want to blog about something I don't talk about much here: technology. I am a huge technology freak, but I just don't blog about it very much. I guess I don't have too much to say about it, in the end. But I love when I get to see what other bloggers have to say about their cameras or computers, so I thought I'd make one big post about the technology I use and what I love about it. So here it is!

I have two computers, in all honesty. Last summer, I saved up babysitting money and purchased an Asus EeePC (a netbook) for myself. I loved that thing, and I still do. It's little, with a 10" screen, but it has a nice sized keyboard that I find easy to use and it has a great battery life. I really like the size, because I can slip it into it's little case and throw it in any of my larger purses. It adds a little weight, but it's worth it if I just want to go to Starbucks or whatever. I even took it to school a few times to work on things. Plus, it was my first "real" computer.
My second computer, the one I'm typing this blog post on, is my 2011 13" MacBook Pro. If my EeePC is my baby (I even call it my baby computer), then my MBP is my little kiddo. I used graduation money to purchase it, and I got a great deal (yay for Best Buy!). I couldn't be happier with this thing. The keyboard is great, the screen is so clear and bright, and it just looks pretty, all silver and black. I've loved Mac as long as I've been using them, and I'm so happy that I'll have one of my own (we have one as a family computer) to take with me up to Denton in a month.
I'm planning on using my netbook for taking notes in classes, since I'll be riding my bike around campus and the netbook definitely weighs less than the MBP. Plus, the netbook runs Windows 7 and has the full Office program, including OneNote, which I like to use for taking notes. My MBP will eventually have Office for Mac on it (when I find the disk), but it won't have OneNote, since there isn't a Mac version. The MBP will mostly stay on my desk in my dorm, plugged in to my TV so I can use it as an extra screen or stream Netflix to it. I'm really excited about this arrangement. :D

Cell Phone:
I have an iPhone 3GS, purchased the month it came out, two summers ago (June 27th, to be exact). Back in September, I gave it up for an Android device, the HTC Aria. I was happy with the Aria but there were certain things about it that annoyed me. Don't get me wrong, I still think Android is a great OS and there are many devices available now that I think I would be happy with. But, when it came down to it, I decided a month or so ago that it was time to retire the Aria and try out the iPhone again. I reactivated my 3GS (as I'm waiting for the next iPhone's release, as well as eligibility for the upgrade price) and I've been pretty happy with it since then. It's jailbroken because I like the customization you can get outside of Apple's control. I can't wait to pick up the next iPhone, because I would love a better on-the-go camera than this one's 3 megapixel little thing. But I do love the number of apps you can get! (I'm going to be doing a post on what apps I use soon!) I use my phone so much, for pictures and texting and Twitter and just general browsing when I'm out and about. I also have my school schedule programmed into the Calendar app, which syncs with iCal on my computer, and of course I listen to my iTunes all the time. I'm so glad I have a smartphone, I don't know what I would do without it!

Well, you know what, this post is a little longer than I anticipated (I suppose I do have a lot to say on the subject!), so I'm going to stop for now and bring you Part Two tomorrow! :D


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