A fun, easy DIY!

I recently made these for my Scrabble-loving mother and thought it would be fun to share! It's really easy to make a few Scrabble tiles into little magnets for your fridge!

All you need is some Scrabble tiles (I bought some from this great Etsy shop), a pair of sharp scissors, and a roll of magnet tape (mine came from Lowes).

Cut the strip of magnet tape into pieces a little shorter than the Scrabble tiles...

And stick them on the backs of the tiles! Press hard, make sure you stick down all the corners!

I did 50 of them, because that's how many I had and I didn't have any other use for them!

And that's it! Go leave a cute message for someone on the fridge! You can use them to hold up small things, like little notes or photos. Have fun with them! And leave a comment here if you make some, I'd love to see them!


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