I have a confession to make.

Since I started this blog two years ago, I have taken several journaling classes.

The first one I took was Kara Haupt's Music and Composition Journals, two summers ago. The next fall I signed up for her Fall in Love class. Last summer, I decided to take her Summer of Love class.

In between, I've also signed up for Janel's Journaling for a Cause class, and Elaine's Ink Blots.

Now, five classes in two years, all of them fairly inexpensive, isn't extravagant, at least not in my opinion.

The confession I have to make is:

I have not completed a journal in a single one of these classes.

As in, I have started a journal for each class. I have purchased notebooks and supplies, altered books and created covers from scratch. I have gamely churned out a few pages for each one, pages I liked, pages I was proud of. I followed the journal (and photography) prompts for the first few days, maybe the first week.

But in each case, I left the majority of the prompts and pages unfinished. Not even attempted, sometimes!

That is not to say that I didn't like the classes, or learn from them. I loved all of the classes that I've taken, and I'm very grateful for the skills I learned from them and the inspiration I got. I just…lost steam.

I lose steam quite often.

This whole situation makes me sad. I'd like to finish what I start, for once. I'd like to have a bin full of finished art journals.

So I have a plan.

If you'll notice, I've added little progress bars for each class over in my sidebar, to the right. I'll be updating these as I work to complete four of the journals (unfortunately, I can no longer view the Journaling for a Cause blog, which was invitation only, so I'm leaving that one unfinished until I can figure out a solution).

I brought one of the already-started journals with me to school, the Ink Blots one. I can't find the few pages I made for Fall in Love (and I honestly can't say there were very many, anyway), so I'm going to completely re-start that one. The journal I started from a used book for Summer of Love is staying at home for the school year; I'll work on that one again in the proper season. I had planned on bringing the journal I altered for Music and Composition Journals, but at the last minute, I didn't have enough time to find it. So I'll search for that one next time I visit home.

Hold me to this plan, blog friends! I'm counting on the progress bars to egg me on. I'm not going to force myself to journal, but I'm going to try a lot harder than I have in the past to actually finish pages. I love journaling, and I want to actually start doing it more often!

I'll be posting batches of pages as I finish them, and updating the progress bars as I go. So keep checking back!

What journal classes have you taken? Have you finished them?


Elaine said...

Just thought I'd let you know, that from my perspective, there are no progress bars in the sidebar. Its good to tell people these things in case the html is messed up or something. So yeah-- thought I'd tell you.

But anyway----- GO YOU! You can DO it! *cheerleading section* Yayyyyy!

Emily Mae said...

Hmm. Thanks for letting me know! I'll ask some of my friends to check on their computers and see what's going on. It's showing up for me! Could you email me a screenshot, maybe? So I can see what you see (or don't see!).

Yay! :D Good to know I have support! :D

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