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So, if you'll look closely, you'll notice that I've added a little scrolling sidebar to the left of my blog! I did this thanks to this awesome tutorial at Punk Projects.

While I was working on it, though, I was thinking about how much I love making new graphics and messing around with the HTML code on my blog. I just have so much fun designing new themes and layouts and finding out how to add different bits to my sidebars and such. Web design is definitely something I have a big interest in and want to learn more about as time goes on.

I thought it would be fun, though, to take a look back at how my blog has changed. I went through some old files and found a few screenshots I took of my various blog layouts. It's interesting to see not only how my tastes changed, but how my skills developed (at least I hope they did!).

I don't have a screenshot of my very first blog layout. I'm going to go through the files on the family computer and see if I can find one, but that's for another night. I remember it vividly, though. It had a blue-green background and a hand-drawn (and scanned) header. The header was from a journal page I had drawn earlier that summer (my blog went online in August of 2009), scanned and played with in Photoshop. I was proud of that layout, since it was the first time I had strayed from the default Blogger design.

My second blog layout was, I thought at the time, amazing. Looking back on it, it was actually really simple, but making that header was the most work in Photoshop I had done at that point. It, too, involved hand-drawing and scanning. I was extremely proud of this one, I remember. I was really excited about it.

My third layout was pretty similar to the one before it, just with a new color scheme and header. This header was made completely in Photoshop, and I really like how clean and simple it was, even though I don't really like that curly font, looking back.

I don't have a screenshot of the fourth layout I designed, which is sad, because I really, really liked it. It was a lot more Photoshop-intensive, using some elements downloaded from Pugly Pixel and it's the only past layout I have that I'm still proud of.

And that brings me to the newest reincarnation of my blog. I'm really, really happy with this one, though of course I will never stop playing around with it. :D


katiebug92 said...

Love the new sidebar!!

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