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Hi! Just wanted to pop in and let you all know about something I came across recently on one of the tech blogs I follow.

Now, this is really only useful if your computer is a Mac and you use Google Analytics to keep track of the visitors to your blog or other website.

As Mac users will know, you have access to something called your Dashboard while using your computer. Usually, you can press the F3 button on your keyboard to pull up the Dashboard, which is a kind of overlay on the screen, covering whatever you're doing when you pull it up. (This is a little different in OS X Lion, and the keyboard configuration of Macs purchased since Lion's release may be different, as well.) The Dashboard contains widgets, which are tiny, standalone apps that float on the page. The default Dashboard is stocked with a calculator, a clock, a weather forecast, and a calendar.

You can get more widgets for different things (quotes, pictures, even games that you can play right from the Dashboard) but I never really found any of those useful. However, a few days ago I came across an article about a widget called GAget.

GAget puts several features of Google Analytics right on your Dashboard. All I have to do is press a button and I can see the Visitor Overview graph, my Bounce Rate, the percentage of New Visitors, the Average Time on Site, and the Visits for Today.

The Visitor Overview graph is interactive, like on the Analytics website. You can mouse over the data points and see the number of visitors on each day. You can also change the length of time it displays. The default is two weeks.

Other than the fact that it's very easily accessible, something I really love about using this widget over the real website is that this one shows you the number of visitors for the current day, while the website's default settings do not.

It's very easy to install and set up. Just head over the the GAget website and hit the download button. You'll have to sign in using your Google email and password, and then you're done!

If you have two or more websites that you track with Google Analytics, you will have to choose one to display by default. You can switch between them by clicking the gear icon in the lower right corner of the widget and choosing one from the drop-down menu in the settings.

Or, you can add multiple GAgets to your Dashboard, if you have space. Just click the + in the lower left corner of the Dashboard screen and select GAget from the menu at the bottom.

I'm so happy I came across GAget. It's super useful, easy to set up, and awesome to have. Plus, it looks nice! :D

Do any of you use Google Analytics? Do you like the using the website, or will you go download GAget now that you know about it?


Elaine said...

This was SO useful! I installed one on my dashboard! Thanks for the tip because I didn't know a GR widget existed!

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