These books...

These books are going to college!

If you didn't already tell, I'm a huge book worm! I have a large collection of books (four shelves worth, two rows deep!) and I knew I would want to take some along with me when I moved up to school. But obviously, it would be totally unnecessary and ridiculous to take them all! So I set a limit for myself: 10 books or less. I went through my collection and picked out the ones I've already read several times. If I really love a book, I read it over and over. I get cravings for books! If you get those too, you know what I'm talking about! And if you don't, it's really hard to explain! It's like a food craving, but I want to read a certain book.

Thankfully, I could immediately rule out the ones that would take up the most space and weigh the most: all seven books in the Harry Potter series. I have them on my Kindle. I also have one of my all time favorites, Good Omens, on my Kindle, so I didn't bother trying to find that one, either.

It was actually pretty easy to narrow it down, after that. I ended up with six books packed up in the box with my craft stuff. As you can see in the photo, those books are:

You can tell how many times I've read the paperbacks on the top by the creases in the spines! I read some of my books to death (you should see the creases and stains in my Harry Potters!).

What are your favorite books?


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