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Now, I know there are differing opinions of sponsorships and advertising in the blog world. I won't get into that! But I, personally, believe that sponsorships can be very beneficial to both bloggers and readers! One of the best parts of blogging is forming friendships and connections and sponsoring blogs (as well as accepting sponsors and especially following ads from one blog to the next) is a great way to do that!

That's why, in addition to my ongoing button-trade with Rachell of No Mark At All, I would like to send out an invitation to any of my readers to trade blog buttons with me! I think trading is a great way to go in situations like mine; I have readers, sure, but I don't feel justified in charging for ad placement. Trading blog buttons seems a perfect alternative! Both parties benefit.

The first month I'll be accepting trades is November! I know that's a little while in the future, but I want to give myself enough time to get everything straight this first time.

If you're interested, please send an email to emdismukes[at]yahoo[dot]com by October 10. I'll send you a link to a form to fill out so that I can have all your details in order. You will need to have this form sent back to me (it's very easy, via Google Documents) by October 25.

I will introduce all of my sponsors on the first of the month. Each sponsor will also have the opportunity to do a guest post or host a giveaway, or both! I also have a few other ideas for connecting with my sponsors that I'll be bringing out in the future, once I see how this all works!

I really hope to make some new friends and have some fun with all of this!

Keep in mind that I do, of course, have the right to decline any trade request. I hope I don't have to, though!


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