The Creative Setup: Me!

Self Portrait

1. Who are you, and what do you do?
Emily Dismukes, new college student, blogger, fledging entrepreneur, sometimes writer.

2. What hardware do you use?
I have two computers, a 2011 MacBook Pro and a year-old Asus EeePC netbook. I love both of them dearly. The MacBook is what I use the most. It usually resides on my desk with the Insignia television that doubles as a 19" external monitor in my dorm. I take the EeePC (affectionately called, "baby computer") to class with me for notes and things. I have a wireless mouse that I break out occasionally, but I love the trackpad of the MacBook Pro and the EeePC doesn't spend much time on the desk at home. I also have a Wacom Bamboo tablet, the original, that I got on my 16th birthday. I like it for graphics work, but I'm still learning to use it to its full potential.

I have two digital cameras: a Fujifilm FinePix S700 and a Samsung Digimax L60. I also have an Instax Mini 7S that I break out now and then, whenever I have film.

I'm still using my iPhone 3GS from the summer it came out. I also have a Kindle 3, which I love to read on.

3. And what software?
I use Safari, Mail, and the desktop Twitter app for surfing on my Mac. I use Skype for chatting. I write blog drafts directly into Blogger or TextEdit. I do simple photo editing in iPhoto and make all of my blog graphics in Photoshop.

Other than the stock iPhone apps (and Twitter and Facebook), I use Weave for staying organized, Dropbox for transferring photos to the computer and back, Instagram for taking fun photos, Craftgawker for finding inspiration, and Pulse for reading technology blogs.

4. What would be your dream setup?
Totally dreaming, I'd love Tony Stark's set up in Iron Man. :D
But realistically, I'm really happy with what I currently have, honestly. I mostly just want to upgrade some of the stuff I have now. I'm waiting on the next iPhone, and one day I'd like to get a new Bamboo tablet, too. Oh, and a DSLR. I don't *need* one, it would just be nice to play with!

This is a feature in which I invite bloggers and other creative people to share what technology they use to get their jobs done. These interviews are unedited, except for adding links to product pages in some cases. Photos are property of interviewees.

I am always looking for more people to interview! If you would like to participate, please email me at emdismukes[at]yahoo[dot]com. I hope to hear from you!


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