A DIY in a brand new way...

I have a video for you today! Isn't that exciting?

A little background, first! I had an envelope bulging with paper scraps and magazine cutouts and movie tickets and business cards and...everything! And I wanted a better way to keep them safe and ready for when I want to journal with them. So I came up with the idea to cover an empty box of Nutty Bars (yum!) with kraft paper so that I could put it up on my bookshelf with my notebooks and it would look like it belonged!

I knew I wanted to do a tutorial of this project, but taking pictures throughout the process would have been a hassle...so I taped it! And now I've edited it down (from 30 minutes to 3!) and sped up some parts and added instructions and music! And I want to share it with you!

(Can you tell I'm excited? This is the first time I've done something like this!)

I call it the Scrap Box DIY because I'm using mine as a box for my paper scraps, but depending on the box you use, it could be for anything you want to store!


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