Newspaper Bunting DIY

When I moved into my dorm, I mostly came with stuff that I need, rather than things to decorate. I had a few little things to lend some personality to the space (you can see the pictures I took here) but I decided to leave a lot to DIYs. I love decorating and I'm so jealous of people who have wonderful rooms full of creativity and inspiration. So, once I got every unpacked and settled (mostly, at least!), I immediately started brainstorming ideas for decorations.

The first DIY came thanks to two things: a pile of our school's daily newspaper sitting on my fridge, and the popularity of bunting in the blogging world. I love bunting, and I wanted to do a simple version using supplies I had laying around.

This is a really simple DIY. All you need is:

  • paper for the flags (I used newspaper, but you can use whatever paper you like and have available to you!)

  • masking tape

  • embroidery thread (any thin string will do; I would've loved to use baker's twine!)

  • scissors

First, decide on the shape of your flag. I made a template for mine:

Feel free to print that and use it! You may have to resize it; mine were 1.5x2 inches.

Whatever shape you use, make sure it has the little tab on top, like mine (the part above the dotted line). You'll need that to hang it on the thread!

So, cut out your flags and fold over the tabs. I used 12 flags about an inch and a half wide for a space about 4 feet wide. Cut as many as you think you'll need (you can always cut more!).

Lay them out, front side down. Slide your thread up under the tab and tape the tab down, one flag at a time.

When all the flags are on the thread, hang up your bunting where you want it and clip the extra thread. I taped mine up with masking tape.

You can slide the flags around somewhat (gently!), so you can spread them out and arrange them as you like. They will stay in place once moved, though!

This whole project took me about an hour, and I was watching TV at the same time. It's a fun little project to add some interest to your desk, or maybe a bookshelf or a bulletin board.

Send me an email or leave a comment if you make on of these! I'd love to see it!


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