Quick Pics: August and early September

This is a feature I haven't done in awhile. The point is just to share some of the random photos I take with my iPhone when I'm out and about with friends and whatnot. Some are from Instagram, so you might have seen them if you follow me there or on Twitter. These are all from the last month of so, I believe. I try to wait until I have a good amount to show you!

In August, Ryan and I went to visit my aunt and uncle in Louisiana. I left my job at Best Buy to start getting ready to move. I made the trek to Denton with all my stuff and settled into my dorm and college life. I went to a Rangers baseball game. I bought a hat. I did my own laundry for the very first time (and didn't shrink anything!). I started riding my bike to my classes on the other side of campus. Two days ago I attended UNT's first home game of the season and the first game in our new stadium. Last night I went to an awesome coffee place and had a vanilla and caramel latte (which Starbucks inexplicably calls a caramel macchiato!).


Natty said...

AH! You go to UNT? I frequently visit Dallas, and might move up there within a year or so. How exciting!

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