September Goal Check!

Well, it's the last day of September so I thought I would update you on my goals for the month! I accomplished 3 out of the 5 goals I set for myself!

First, I did add two decorative items to my dorm room, one being the newspaper bunting I posted a DIY about. I also put up a poster that I bought at a sale in the UNT Union. I have a few more plans that I'll be tackling soon, too!

I did drink more water, although my only evidence is that I'm not dehydrated even on the hottest days here. (Ah, Texas autumn...still in the 90s.)

And I worked on the plans for an online class I'd like to teach one day! I'll have more information about that eventually; I'm excited about it but still nowhere near offering it to the public.

I didn't update my Etsy shop (though I did work on a few new items!) and I didn't finish my Ink Blots journal, unfortunately. I'm not going to carry these goals over to next month, but I'm not giving up on them!

October is going to be a fun month! I have some cool things in mind that I'm looking forward to sharing. I'll be back tomorrow with my new goal list!


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