I've got a treat for you!

Last Friday, I picked up the new iPhone 4S at my local Best Buy, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! It's such an upgrade over my 3GS (though I still love that little guy!), with a screen that's still amazing me with its resolution and clarity and a camera that blows my several-years-old point and shoot out of the water.

I'll be posting some photos and things from my new phone soon, but for now I wanted to share a little something I made for my new little buddy: wallpapers!

It's perfectly sized and designed for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S lock screen! I love this little phrase and it makes for a great affirmation to look at every time you wake up your phone.

If you like that pink, just click on the image and download the full-size version, then sync it to your phone (it's best to do this through iPhotos and iTunes to get the correct resolution). You can also click on it on your phone and save the full-size version right to your Camera Roll!

If you're not as into to pink as I am, I made up a pack with 9 other colors (including blue, green, red, orange, and yellow) that you can download to your computer from Megaupload here. Make sure you wait for the countdown (under the "Premium Download" button) to finish and turn into the "Regular Download" button. Don't click any other download buttons! I know Megaupload isn't the ideal site to use for this, but it's the only option I have.

I hope you like these! I'm planning on doing some other colors and quotes, so if you have any suggestions or requests, sound off in the comments!


katiebug92 said...

This is super cute!!

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