The Creative Writer's Setup: Kaitlin

1. Who are you, and what do you write?
My name is Kaitlin Branch and I write Fantasy. It's been only six hours since I last wrote, and... oh. Oh, sorry, not at Fantasy writers anonymous here. :) For the most part I focus on novels and series of novels, but I've been known to write short stories and poetry too.

2. What hardware are you using?
I usually bounce back and forth between and HP Pavillion dv6000 and an Acer mini netbook in mauve. Maybe more like Maroon. Anyway, computers.

3. And what software?
My big laptop has Microsoft Office 2007, and I use word from that almost exclusively. Unfortunately, I am too cheap and too lazy to get office on the mini-me (the netbook) and therefore I use either Microsoft works or Open Office... I try to avoid it though because when I get it back into word, the formatting inevitably is erased or messed up. I also use iTunes a lot. It is relevant to my writing as to really get going, I need some music.

4. What would be your dream setup?
My ideal set up would be a small room with a desk, a chair and nothing else. A laptop which was light enough to take anywhere, but also big enough to be a full sized keyboard. Ideally, I would have another, smaller laptop for on the go. Both would have Microsoft Office Word, because I am a die-hard fan for some reason, and using another word processor feels strange. The main laptop would have automatic back up to either net storage or a hard drive. It would be easily sync-able to the mini laptop. As long as we're going ideal, itunes, fabulous headphones, a lock on the dang door, and unlimited music list. Hey, gotta dream, right?

This is a special version of a popular feature in which I invite writers and fellow NaNoWriMo participants to share what technology they use to get their jobs done. These interviews are unedited. Photos are property of interviewees.

All the interviews can be found here.


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