NaNoWrimo Meme: Day 16

In what time period is your novel set?  Is it in this world or another?

It is set in this world, in the present time period, though that's not really a huge deal to the novel. It's just a general romance story; the only thing really grounding it in the present is the fact that there are smart phones in use.

As I wrote today, I realized that this story is getting kind of boring. So, about 22,000 words in, I am throwing a twist into the plot: the main male character, and several of the other characters, are actually fantasy creatures from another world parallel to ours. So, parts of it will be set in another world, and an as-of-yet undetermined time period. I'm hoping this will breathe a little life into the story, because if I actually finish this year, I would like it to be at least salvageable. So yay!


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