A little collection.

So, I'm sure some of you remember the snack box I altered awhile back to hold my various bits and scraps of paper, right? (If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out my video DIY here.)

Well, I was looking through the box today and I pulled out all of my tickets and ticket stubs from movies and sports games and things, and I thought I would share my little collection with you!

That isn't all of them, but it was my favorite photo! My collection (the part I have here with me, at least) includes tickets from:
  • four UNT football games
  • the Sarah Vowell talk/book signing
  • Sea World
  • the Bayou City Art Festival
  • an Astros game
  • a Stars game
  • 13 different movies, including both the Harry Potter 7 pt.2 midnight showing and the 3D IMAX.

I have a weird compulsion to hang on to tickets and ticket stubs, even though I never do anything with them. Once I scan these, though (so I can use them in my digital scrapbook later), I'm going to put them in my scrap journal (my "smash book", which is really just a little kraft paper spiral I've had forever).


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