Married to Murder (a book review!)

Through NaNoWriMo and my Creative Writers' Setup series, I had the great pleasure of meeting Jennifer Oberth, who writes and publishes mysteries in the form of short stories on SmashWords, a great eBook publishing service. After I did her interview, Jennifer kindly invited me to read the first story in her series of Ella Westin mysteries and contribute a review to the blog tour she's hosting.

Well, I love to review books, and I'm always up for a good mystery, so of course I said yes!

As a disclaimer: I was given a coupon to acquire this book for free. However, my words and opinions are fully my own. I just want to assure my readers that my reviews are always completely honest.

So, I signed up on SmashWords and downloaded my copy of Married to Murder right away. It only took a few moments and a couple of clicks to pull it up in the iBooks app on my iPhone. I read the whole thing in one sitting, pretty much. It was short, but it was a great, humorous little mystery.

Here's the short description from the website (think of it as the back cover copy on a physical book): "Ella doesn't recall adding 'solve a murder' to her bridal to-do list but when she stumbles over the body of her matron of honor, she has no choice; her groom is the only suspect. Throw in a deaf hairdresser, a ruined wedding cake and a not so retired pirate and Ella wants to throttle everyone in sight. Can she catch the killer before the wedding is called off? Or will she be Married To Murder?"

Like I said, it was a quick read, but a good one. The main character, Ella, is witty and funny, and I had several real laugh out loud moments. The nature of the short story sort of plunks you down right in the middle of the action, but that's not a problem at all. Oberth gracefully introduces characters and explains their relationships to each other without taking the reader out of the action. And the mystery is great. I don't want to give anything away, but there's a great twist at the end! I loved that it progressed quickly but kept the solution to the mystery hidden until practically the very last page. All in all, I would recommend this! I'm excited for the next few stories.

Married to Murder can be found here for only $0.99!

(By the way, I'd like to thank Jennifer for including me in her blog tour and say hi to everyone here from her blog! Thanks for visiting!)


Jennifer Oberth said...

Thank you, Emily! Wow, you're so gracious and have such a fun Blog. I'm glad to have you on my Tour!!

Thank you for the kind words and I'm so pleased that you enjoyed 'Married To Murder' and wrote such a wonderful review.

Dead Herring said...

Great review. I agree - it was a very funny story AND a good mystery. Those are the kind of books I like to read.


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