Year in Review! July to December

In July, I went on a very magical date with Ryan and wrote a little about my long-term relationship with Harry Potter here.

August was a super busy month! I visited some beautiful spots in the mountains of Arkansas with Ryan and my uncle's family, I moved into my dorm at UNT, and I started The Creative Setup.

In September, I posted a fun DIY bunting decoration and tried my hand at a video tutorial for the first time!

As part of my birthday weekend in October, Ryan took me to a wonderful little drive-in movie theater in Ennis, Texas. I also bought myself a new iPhone and started making wallpapers for it!

In November, I was able to attend my first hockey game ever! Go Dallas Stars! I spent the month writing a novel for NaNoWriMo and for the first time ever, I made it to 50,000 words and won!

December has been a huge month for me! I started writing for Gadchick, made it through a whole semester (my first!) of college, and started offering ad space here! And of course, I had a great Christmas with my family (I baked pumpkin bread for the first time to give out as gifts) and am looking forward to another awesome year here on the blog and out there in the "real world".


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