One Little Word: January

My One Little Word for 2012 is focus. Like I said in my original post, I'm not taking Ali Edward's OLW class, but I want to keep up with my word somehow, so I want to try to make a blog post at the end of each month with a little reflection on my word. It may not be the same format each month, we'll see!

This month, I just want to share some times I felt I was particularly focused on one thing or another.

First of all, the spring semester started this month, and I'm already proud of myself for the way I've been able to focus on getting my school work done on time! A lot of it has been reading, which I'm horrible at keeping up with, but I've done it so far!

With the new semester came a new lunch schedule, and I've found myself eating alone a couple days a week. But no worries! I've decided that this is great alone time to focus on creative thoughts and get some pleasure reading in.

But I also tried to focus on having fun outside of school, too. Ryan and I have been trying to make time to go on more dates this year. So far, we've seen a great movie and had a wonderful night at a Dallas Stars game!

Unfortunately, I did have to spend a couple sad days during January focusing on getting rest and feeling better. I was struck down by a stomach virus and a sore throat at different times this month and spent awhile in bed.

When I got back to my dorm after Christmas break, I focused for a few hours on finally getting my craft supplies out of the cardboard box they spent the last semester in and into my lovely new craft cart. I hope this will let me focus more in the future on creating!

And indeed, I was able to sit down and focus on creating things this month that I was proud of. I did a few spreads in my Smash Book, which is quickly becoming my favorite thing to do, and I even carved a few stamps and made a couple DIY embellishments!


Danielle said...

Great word! Love that you organized your craft supplies to help you get focused. Cute stamp! I just started stamp carving a couple of weeks ago and I love it!

scrappymo! said...

That is such a great word...it was my word last year and really helped me get thru my year.

Stephanie said...

Great word and sounds like you're really trying to put it int practice.

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