I was lucky enough to be the recipient of two of the popular Smash Books for Christmas! I got a pink one from my sister and brother-in-law, and a black one from my mom! I also got a bunch of the accessories, which I'm very excited about. My favorite it the Smash tape, which is a lot like washi tape, as far as I can tell! I've been wanting some washi tape for a long time.

But anyway, I thought I would share the first few pages I did!

There you go! I'm having a lot of fun with this.

Have you been smashing? I'd love to see your pages!

Edited to add some sources:
- the "currently" card, the checkbox list, the "traditions" card, and the little tabbed pocket were downloads from Creativity Prompt, which is a great place for free printable journal cards
- the calendar is part of one found on the blog Decor8rGirl; I cut out just the January part in Photoshop
- the way I've edited my photos here is inspired by Danielle of Thompson Family-Life


Erin Bassett said...

Great start!!

Michelle said...

I love ur smash book! I'm obsessed with mine too {infact I have 5! lol} I must blog about it more!

talha said...
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