So, I'm a member of Craftster, a popular crafty forum. One of my favorite things to do on the forum is join the fun themed swaps! There are all sorts for all different books, movies, bands, TV shows, and crafty genres.

Recently, I was able to join a swap based on two things: the book Good Omens (by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett), which is one of my favorites, and the concept of "one tiny thing", which is a popular swap concept on Craftster. Basically, it means that you and your partner send off just one "tiny" thing, just 4 inches cubed or smaller. Sounds easy, right? But the point is that you put enough effort in your tiny thing to make it a wonderful little gift for your partner, even though it's so small.

Well, for my tiny thing, I decided to do an embroidery hoop. "Hoopla" is pretty popular on Craftster, too. That means that the piece is finished on the back and meant to be hung on the wall like a piece of art. My partner had some on her Pinterest, and I love to embroider but haven't done much, so I decided to go for it. I drew this design, which is the demon Crowley in his serpent form, on the branch of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil with the apple he later offers to Eve to eat.

I took photos every time I finished a section or stopped for the night. I thought it would be fun to show the whole progression.

This piece was done in a 4 inch hoop. It's not perfect (the fabric stretched weirdly and ended up wrinkly), but I'm very proud of it. It's all done in backstitch; I tried to make it look like scales and tree bark. The apple is filled with satin stitch. The back is finished with a piece of red felt, but I didn't include that picture.

My partner loved it, and I was very happy with the item I received, as well (a tiny notebook with an embroidered cover). It was a wonderful swap!

I highly recommend heading over to the swap board on Craftster if you're interested in swapping! It's a lot of fun. You have to have been a member for awhile and have a certain number of posts before you can swap, so get over there and check out some of the awesome crafts! There are some amazing artists and crafters on the board.

I'm already signed up for my next swap, in fact: The Hunger Games! I'll probably be posting about that one when it concludes, as well. The Hunger Games series is a new love of mine, if you couldn't tell from this post.


Rachelle said...

Em, this is gorgeous! You did such an amazing job!

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