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Lately I've been getting into scrapbooking and I'm in love with Shimelle's blog and her YouTube videos. And one of the things she does on her blog is a list of ten things (any ten things!) on the tenth of each month. A lot of people do it and link up to her post, and I thought this month I'd join in!

So, here you are:
Ten Things I'm In Love With Right Now

1. The Hunger Games
If you couldn't already tell, I'm pretty obsessed with this series! I read the whole thing (three books) in about four days and I am bursting with excitement for the movie, which is coming out on March 23 of this year!

2. Scrapbooking
I've never really thought much about scrapbooking, but I recently started checking out the stuff over at Two Peas in a Bucket and I'm loving it! So much pretty paper and little do-dads and all sorts of fun things. I'm really excited to get started on some layouts when I get back to school and my big desk.

3. My Smash Book
I'm in love with my Smash Book! It's a great way to get started with scrapbooking or just have some low-pressure fun with the extra things you collect. And believe me, I collect a *lot* of random stuff that's just waiting to be Smashed!

4. Sales at Urban Outfitters
I love UO, and I'm not sure why, but I never paid any attention to the sales. I don't own any Urban Outfitters clothes (come to think of it, I'm not sure I've ever actually bought anything at UO, ever) because it's all too expensive. But thanks to this post on Little Chief Honeybee and the UO iPhone app, I've been alerted to the great deals they have! I'm looking forward to finally being able to afford their clothes.

5. Arrows and Chevrons
Chevrons, I think, are kind of on their way out, but I still love them. I've also been loving all sorts of arrow motifs on everything from jewelry to stamps to home decor.

6. Leather
The look of leather, particularly brown leather, is one of my favorite things right now. I got these brown leather-look boots from Target recently, and I take any excuse to wear them. Brown leather (even fake!) looks so good with so much.

7. Mini-books
Ever since I started reading Elise Blaha-Cripe's blog, I have been in love with mini-books! I've been working on my own fall mini-book using the prompts from Kara's Fall In Love class and maybe one day I'll actually finish it so I can share it here!

8. Capes
Capes like Elsie is wearing in this post and this one from Red Velvet (sold out, sadly) have had my heart lately.

9. Free Printables
Since I've been working on my Smash Book a little like a "traditional" scrapbook, I've been looking for things to print and cut out and paste in there, and I've decided that free printables are the best things ever, especially the journal cards from Creativity Prompt. I love that I can save them and print them whenever I need to, and I have pretty much an endless supply! I'll never run out of something I love, and I don't have to pay big bucks for journal card pads at a craft store!

10. Re-organizing
With my new love for scrapbooking, I've acquired some new packs of paper, some punches, new adhesive and other little tools and things. And, all my craft supplies have been hanging out in a cardboard box since I moved last summer! So I decided it was high time to reorganize and get my things in a place that would remind me to actually use them! I bought a six-drawer plastic cabinet (not the ideal, but I work with what I can!) at Wal-Mart the other night and I'm working on getting my things in order. It's fun!


katiebug92 said...

I LOVE scrapbooking. :) Have you ever hear of the Great American Scrapbook Convention? http://greatamericanscrapbook.com
They have one in Arlington, and I've been going for the past 4 years, it's so much fun.

Emily Mae said...

Wow! That looks like fun! I might have to see if I can go this year!

Cheryl L. said...

Great list! Did you take Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers classes? I took them, but I totally have to get back on track with them! Maybe I'll get the chance to post a 10 on the 10th list in February!

Michelle said...

Oh I hear you on the Chevrons... I am addicted can't get enough!!!

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