Another Smash page.

This spread is about the two Dallas Stars hockey games I've been to with Ryan (I love hockey!) and then the day we spent out in Dallas at the North Park Mall and meeting up with Natalie of Awkward&Beautiful

I love smashing my Instagram photos! The ones on these pages are 2"x2", if you were wondering. I also just love to use pockets for things. The journaling card on the Stars page is glued on a kraft pocket I made, and the pocket on the right page is the bag you get your sandwich in at Which Wich. I cut it down and closed up the bottom with my Smash tape (which I'm also in love with!).

Once again, I used some embellishments from Elsie's old sticker sets, and a couple of printable journal cards from around the web. I've been pinning a lot of them so that I can kind of keep track of what I have: you can take a look at my Printables board if you want some for yourself!

And I also love adding dimension to my embellishments with little homemade "pop dots" of foam underneath! I love the shadows it makes, and it makes my Smash Book thicker, which is fun!

Oh, and if you haven't noticed, I added a button in my sidebar that will lead to all of my Smash page posts! Check it out over there! ---->


Sharon Field / Created By You said...

The smash pages are lots of fun, love the little extras you've added!

craftmates said...

How do you print your photos 2x2"?

I love your smash book! I bought one for myself and can't wait to start smashing.

Emily Mae said...

For my Smash Book, I don't care if they're perfect, and I know they'll be handled a lot, so I don't both having them printed on photo paper or anything. I just save my Instagrams to my computer and then drag them all to a Word document, then resize and print them from there.

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