A dorm-cooked dinner.

It's not often that I make posts about a meal I've had, even though I am definitely guilty of the whole "bloggers always photograph food before eating it" thing. So today I'm going to share the meal that Ryan and I shared the other night! It was hamburgers and mashed potatoes, cooked on a George Foreman grill and in the microwave, respectively. Gotta love the dorm life!

I know the photos aren't as...styled...as those on real food blogs are, but hey, this is how I actually eat! It's a glance into my actual life.

And the meal wasn't half bad, you know! We'll probably be doing this again.


WillieburgScrapper said...

Looks fine to me. I used to nuke ramen and add dehydrated veggies when i was in school. I like real life posts- it gives me a clue as to your thoughts behind your work. :)

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