Journal in Your Pocket: Class Info and Registration

I would like to officially announce the upcoming art journal class being offered by Natalie and me!

What is Journal in Your Pocket?

Journal in Your Pocket is a 4 week long class packed with journal prompts and tutorials. There are a couple of things that make this class special!
First, it's based on the idea of working in a small format--a journal that fits in your pocket (or close!).
Second, not only will there be a new journal prompt every week day, but each weekend will bring a prompt and tutorial for a fun stand-alone mini-book!
Third, students get the benefit of being taught by two wonderful artists with unique styles: Natalie Malik (of Awkward & Beautiful) and Emily Dismukes (of Divine Chaos). You'll be able to learn from two talented ladies at the same time!

What's included in the class?
  • The class will run for 4 weeks, starting on Monday, March 19 and ending on Sunday, April 15. It will be hosted on a special, password-protected blog!

  • Each weekday will have one journal prompt (20 in total!) as well as occasional tutorials for techniques and other journal-related crafts.

  • Each weekend will have one prompt for a stand-alone mini-book (4 in total!). These posts will include a full tutorial for creating a themed mini-book.

  • The class will also include a tutorial for creating a journal to do the prompts in, as well as suggestions for store-bought journals you might want to use.

  • Students will be able to attend two live chats with Emily and Natalie at different points throughout the class, right on the blog!

  • Students will be able to add their blog to a class blog roll and their journal pages to a class Flickr group!

  • Private blog access will be sent out within 24 hours of sign-up. Once you have access, you will have a supply list and an introduction prompt waiting for you before the class officially starts on March 19th!

Who's teaching the class?

Emily Dismukes is a 19 year old writer, crafter, and artist. She's kept journals in various forms for as long as she can remember. For the last few years, especially as she became involved in the online craft community, she has been most comfortable in art journals. You can find her pages (currently in Smash journal), as well as other projects and adventures at her blog, Divine Chaos.

Natalie Malik is a 22-year-old artist, a lover of cats, drinker of the teas, and a maker of journals. Journaling has been her staple to living since a young girl and continues to stretch her love of paint and journals to this day, as well as dip her fingers in some crafty things as well. You can find her tutorials, projects, and journals on her blog, Awkward & Beautiful.

Why should I take this class?

It is going to be a load of fun, if I do say so myself. Natalie and I are veterans of many, many art journal classes ourselves and we have put a lot of work into making sure that this will be a great experience for every one of our students. Journal in Your Pocket is a LIVE class, not just an e-course or a PDF file! Natalie and I will be around the whole time, commenting on blog posts and photos, answering questions, and just hanging out and chatting with our students! And speaking of chats--you'll get two live chats to sit in on (one video, one text)! We're striving to create a fun atmosphere and sense of community in the class.

And, if you think you might not be able to participate much when the class is live (I know that lots of classes are running in the blog world right now!), I would still recommend signing up! That way, you can participate in the chats and gather inspiration, and then you can use the PDF that we will be sending to each student when the class is over to continue working on your journal, even after the class is done!

How do I sign up for Journal in Your Pocket, and how much does it cost?
  • Class cost: $25
  • Payments accepted: PayPal (via this blog post or Natalie's), or the Journal in Your Pocket Etsy shop
  • Private blog access will be sent within 24 hours of payment
  • Registration ends on March 20th

Primary Email Address

Any other questions?
Feel free to email Natalie and I at journalinyourpocket[at]gmail[dot]com!


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