Ten Things: February

This month's Ten Things on the Tenth is...

Ten Movies I'm Excited to See This Year!
(in no particular order)

1. The Vow
Starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, two of my favorite actors! This looks totally sweet and touching.

2. Star Wars: Episode 1
This is being rereleased into theaters, and I'm majorly excited. I didn't get to see the original 3 in theaters and I really can't wait for those, but I figure I might as well go all out and see all 6 while I have the chance!

3. This Means War
Starring Chris Pine. Enough said.

4. Act of Valor
This is a war movie starring actual, active duty soldiers, and the trailer looks amazing.

5. 21 Jump Street
More Channing Tatum! This movie looks like it's going to be stupidly hilarious.

6. The Hunger Games
Of course! This might just be my most anticipated movie of 2012. I finally saw the trailer on the big screen last night and it just blew me away. I'm prepared to buy tickets as soon as they go on sale!

7. The Avengers
Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor in the *same movie*. It doesn't get much better than that!

8. The Amazing Spider-Man
I love Spiderman, and while I don't have too much confidence in this movie as a whole, I'm still pretty dang excited about it.

9. The Dark Knight Rises
I just need to get my Gary Oldman fix! I liked the first two Batman movies, so we'll see.

10. World War Z
The book was amazing, if totally scary and horrible. I'm excited for this movie but I doubt I'll be able to sleep or walk anywhere after dark for months.

That's my 10 things! Be sure to join me next month for another ten! You can find all the posts by clicking on the "ten things" tag below!


Lisa said...

You have a lot of watching to do.

Stephanie said...

Ha! I didn't even know that there was going to be a 21 Jump Street movie!

scrappymo! said...

I'm a bit of a stay at home type...will have to wait for the
DVD's. haha You are going to have fun though!

Candace said...

Great list of movies. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a great weekend x

WillieburgScrapper said...

I'm a little worried about World War Z. I love that book so much- the movie has taken huge liberties with the plot by focusing on one character. I will go see it and hope for the best. I'm a sci fi nerd so I have all kinds of opinions- like WHY would George Lucas say Greedo shot Han first in the cantina scene? He changed the editing in this latest version to reflect his new take on things. If that were true Han would be dead! See? I'm a weirdo. :)

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