Card sketch!

Today I want to share something new (for me) with you! It's a card sketch! Check it out:

And here's the card I made:

I sent that card off in a Hunger Games themed swap package! It was a lot of fun to make. I love making cards, and I know sketches come in handy often, so I wanted to share this one! It's super simple, but you more experienced card makers can add much more embellishment and such. Let me know if you make a card with this sketch! I hope to share many more in the future.

P.S. I blogged over at Punk Projects today! Hop on over there for a little "sample" of the Journal in Your Pocket class, and a chance to win a spot! And Natalie's giveaway is still going on, too!


Elisa K said...

Love the simplicity of this card... thanks for sharing.

katiebug92 said...

Cute!! and of course, I love that it's Hunger Games themed. :)

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