Week in the Life: Wednesday

Last night was very busy, so this post is up a little later than usual! But I'm still liking the project. It's fun to keep track of this stuff and I'm sure it'll be very interesting to me to look back on these posts and my album in the future!

I was sent an email that someone had commented on yesterday's post asking about what I'm capturing photos with. I can't find the comment now, but I'll answer the question anyway! I'm using my iPhone 4S (8 megapixel camera) exclusively to take photos. I take photos with the stock Camera app and run most of them through Instagram.

12 AM-still awake watching the Barbra Streisand marathon on TCM; found out that Cassidy also didn't win HoHA; planned a cookie dough night for after the GA tomorrow to commiserate; uploaded photos to blog about Tuesday
1 AM-went to bed
8:09 AM-woke up
8 AM-hung around in bed for awhile; opened the window to snap a photo of the sky before I turned on the light; got up and ate breakfast; read blogs
9 AM-started getting dressed and ready for class at 10; had Don't Rain on my Parade stuck in my head
10 AM-History class! Had a hard time paying attention today; no class on Friday, though!
11 AM-lunch with Ryan; we argued about whether or not Barbra Streisand is pretty/talented (she is both, Ryan is wrong)
12 PM-English class; more Macbeth; argh
1 PM-English class until 1:20; sat in the hallway outside of Italian and did homework until class started
2 PM-Italian class! Learned about Sicily
3 PM-checked the mail (nothing, sadly); went to Ryan's to get 90's clothes for the GA tonight; went back to my room and bumped into Cassidy outside
4 PM-went to Sack and Save with Cassidy and Jordan for groceries and dinner; went back to Honors and found Nathan but discovered we couldn't use the kitchen due to an induction ceremony going on; formulated plan B
5 PM-went to Nathan's room and cooked taquitos in the toaster oven, along with beans, queso, chips, and salsa; ate dinner and hung out
6 PM-kept hanging out and eating; listened to various 90s/early 2000s songs and danced around; cleaned up and went back to our room to relax and find an outfit for Cassidy
7 PM-acquired a hot glue gun so I could make some accordion flowers (yay!); made some accordion flowers for my sunset layout
8 PM-kept working on that layout while listening to Glee on Spotify (I love Spotify)
9 PM-kept working on the layout (having trouble finishing off the accordion flower); got dressed in my 90s outfit and went down to the GA with Cassidy; left as soon as it was over
10 PM-went back upstairs to the study room; joined by Jordan; talked about a bunch of random stuff
11 PM-kept hanging out in the study room; joined by Danielle
12 AM-Cassidy left with Joe so she could study without distractions; went to my room to change into my pajamas; got distracted by my scrapbook layout and stopped to work on that for a bit; went back to the study room



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