Last Friday, I took a trip down to the Denton Courthouse Square, which is an awesome little place full of fun local shops and restaurants. I went with a few friends, and at the end of the trip, I finally got to go into a place I'd been wanting to explore since I first discovered it on my Square adventure with Natalie.

It's a place called Scrap, and it's pretty much a Goodwill, but for craft and art supplies! It was full of fun stuff from vintage sewing patterns to yarn to old National Geographics to scrapbook paper to poster board. I didn't want to just buy up a bunch of stuff for no reason, so without any specific projects in mind, I just picked up a few packets of sequins, which are getting more popular on paper projects these days.

And then, right before we went to check out, I came across this awesome jar! (And I carried my sequins home in it!)

When I got home, I cleaned it off...

And filled it with washi tape!

Even though I don't have much (maybe about 15 rolls), they still filled up the jar pretty much, so I decided to use this container just for the rolls I use the most. I'm going to put the others in one of my craft drawers (which I plan on sharing soon). That way I'll have the ones I use often right there on my desk to grab when I'm working on a project! I'm so excited about it. I can't wait to go back to Scrap and explore some more!


P.S. Remember this card that I made (with washi tape!) for a challenge on Two Peas? Well, I won! I'm so happy. I can't wait to spend that gift certificate!


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